Idle Effect #32…”Pool of Death…a Star Wars Story”

June 8, 2018

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  • No we didn't forget. ..we just had to ponder a while before giving an honest review of the long awaited Deadpool sequel. ..truth is we watched it several times and we still don't understand. ..Where's Clint Eastwood? How can this be considered a sequel with no Dirty Harry?! Also... in this episode a fun filled and fancy free review of "Solo - a Star Wars Story". So Spoilers ahead people...but if you haven't seen these flicks by now, then you are probably locked up and being held captive somewhere in which case you're desperately waiting to know what the outcome might be. .. so you're welcome. There's also a Top 10 list of the weakest Star Wars movie moments... so you're welcome again



Idle Effect #31…”To Infinity and Beyond”

May 4, 2018

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  • Chuck and Jer Assemble for episode # 31...but more importantly an Avengers Infinity War full spoilers review. Like Bruce Dickinson says
    "Infinity is hard to comprehend "...well we'll see if we can help with that a little (but most likely not). Geek announcements are here keeping
    you up to date on all the latest rumors and half-truths. ...also a very Avengers related Top 10 list you won't want to miss...unless you haven't
    seen the movie yet. In that case come back later. ..but otherwise slip on your "Infinity Snuggie" and settle down on your "Thrown of Thanos"
    and take in some Idle Episode 31...half of humanity depends on it!

Idle Effect #30…”Keep Calm and Insert Coin”

April 6, 2018

Hee hee..."insert". But seriously. ..Chuck and Jer have returned yet again, to finally touch on Marvel's Black Panther, give their 2 cents about Pacific Rim II ...and in a coincidental timely manner review  Steven Speilberg's "Ready Player One" Macho Man Savage said "Oh Yeah" Jackie Gleason says "How Sweet it Is"...and as Stormy Daniels says "Yes...put it in my....uh maybe we are getting a bit off track here. The point is episode #30 is here, it's Wow and it's Now. Don't miss the Top 10 List you have waited 3 months for...and don't miss...uh well everything else this episode has to offer. Here's to good friends. ..tonight is kinda special. ..let it be Löwenbräu and Idle Effect episode 30. doesn't get any better than this.


Idle Effect #29…”Last Jedi…First Noel”

December 24, 2017

Chuck & Jer drop the Yule Log in the form of a "Star Wars...The Last Jedi" *spoiler* filled review.  Plus...there's some geek announcements in this Christmas stocking and a Top 5 "Want-List" of Star Wars spinoffs that hopefully Santa will consider slipping under the tree...someday.  So Merry Christmas & Happy New's The Idle Effect...episode #29!  See you all in 2018 for #30!! 


Idle Effect #28…”Meanwhile…At The Hall Of Justice”

November 23, 2017

As the saying goes..."and Justice for all"...unfortunately...not everyone is a fan of it..."Justice League" that is.  Warner Bros has released it's 5th film in the new DC Extended Universe and the people are are mixed...opinions are differing...namely Chuck & Jer's.  Not since Holmes V Cooney...The Greasers and The Socs...Krystle vs Alexis...Chinese runway models and gravity, has there been such a knock down, drag out, no holds barred Battle Royale.  Also...Jer returns to Vegas, and discovers that you gotta know when to hold 'em (in)...and Chuck makes a one night only return to breakdancing glory.  Plus a Top 10 list you'll be most Thankful for!  So grab a nice rock hard dinner roll...slap in some freshly carved Turkey and a bit of cranberry...add a sliver of Pumpkin Pie...and tell the family to shut the hell up...because you're trying to enjoy The Idle Effect episode 28!


Idle Effect #27…”Ragnarok Me Tonight”

November 10, 2017

We's been a while...Chuck & Jer took about 4 months off...but hey...let's face it...most of you have barely finished Episode #20 by our extended vacation should help with the catching up process.  With that out of the way...Hey!..."Thor Ragnarok" hit theatres!!  The boys went to see it...then went again...and now...right here...right now...they talk about it!  Not to give too much away...but...*Spoilers*...they kind of liked it...a lot!  There's also "Geek Announcements", a pretty healthy "Where Have We Been" piece and Jer introduces a HOT new segment called "Stuff You Just Don't Need" that you really need to hear.  So reach for your replica of Mjolnor (we know you've got one)...grab a large stein of Asgardian ale (Pabst will do...or apple juice if your under age or driving) and shout at the top of your lungs "By The Power Of Grayskull!!!" (yeah, yeah...wrong franchise...we know)...or just sit back and listen...either way...enjoy Idle Effect - Episode 27.  


Idle Effect #26…”With No Power Comes Minimal Responsibility”

July 11, 2017

Chuck & Jer...Chuck & Jer...don't do whatever a Spider can but LOOKOUT!... they do a Spoiler review! Are they funny...listen bud, they've got radioactive splooge...can they swing from a thread... take a look overhead...Hey there!...There goes Chuck & Jer! i'm sure you've guessed by now...this episode includes a full Spiderman Homecoming review/mini recap. Also...Jer's been a few places & seen a few things and can't wait to share...there's geek announcements a plenty and we get the boy's Mt. Rushmore of Stand-Up Comedy. So set your webshooters on stun and get your Spidey sense tinglin' because this here's a kaleidoscope of amusement not to be missed...a cornucopia if you will!


Idle Effect #25…”One Hit Wonder?”

June 10, 2017

Yes...We can all finally breathe now. Wonder Woman is out and finally DC has put out a movie that's made Marvel's filmmakers fear for their jobs! Ok...maybe we won't go that far...but they did make a movie that didn't suck. Hear us talk about it in a *Spoiler-filled review! But wait...that's not all.. if you act now, you'll get our Top 10 favorite Super Heroes list, Jer Bear's Big Bear adventures, Chuck's Geek Announcements and a free set of Ginsu steak knives. ..ok no knives. ..but there is much, much more right here on our "1/4 Centennial Episode"  Twenty-five  has arrived!


Idle Effect #24…”Galaxy Guardian Super Dragon”

May 12, 2017

Chuck and Jer are back and fresh from space truckin' (tacos) with everyone's favorite Custodians of the Cosmos...the Stewards of the Solar System (tacos)...the Conservators of the Constellations, if you will. Yes we're talking about (tacos) "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"...and now it's time for (tacos) a full *Spoiler* filled review. Also, the guy's list their (tacos) individual Top 10 Comic Book Movies to date...did 1997's Batman & (tacos) Robin make the cut? F*** no it didn't...but find out what (tacos) did, along with geek announcements, news and lots of other (taco) treats, tidbits & delicacies you just can't get anywhere else! So get ready for (tacos) a little Episode 24 all up in ya'!!


Idle Effect #23…”Under an Andorian Blood Blue Sky”

May 9, 2017

First there was COACHELLA...then came STAGECOACH only one event is left to round out the Coachella Valley's indomitable trilogy of Live entertainment. ..but we're still not certain that there will be a DESERT TRIP this as a backup, The Idle Effect goes LIVE once again in Palm Desert, California for Free Comic Book Day. The fans go crazy (due to the heat) as Chuck & Jer challenge their Comic Book knowledge with brain scrambling comic & pop-culture trivia. Special guests include "Whose World" creator J.F .Robbins, AKA Johnny Elsewhere and special appearances by Jer's wife & kid...and an Idle Effect Live episode would not be complete without a bit of Live Taco scream for me Long Desert...and put your hands together for Chuck & Jer - Alive and (for once) Censored!!!