Idle Effect #10…”Schlemiel Schlimazal Apocalypse Incorporated!”

June 21, 2016

Chuck & Jer reach their landmark 10th episode and do a review / mini-breakdown of X-Men Apocalypse the only way they know how...weeks behind schedule & wholeheartedly biased.....Jer (almost) warns someone of an unlikely impending danger.....Chuck is the victim of mistaken identity (twice) and it doesn't go well.....70's / 80's comic book movie fancast.....Geek Announcements and a whole lotta' other tasty tidbits to penetrate your ear canal and leave you sticky, broke and confused.....and as if that wasn't already enough, yes...we have dog weiner!  "RED ROCKET RED ROCKET!!"  Anyone else feel like they need a shower?          (love ya' mom) 


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