Idle Effect #19…”Idle Turns Uno”

January 12, 2017

That means 1 year in the can for those of you that don't speak Spanish or Italian...or Corsican...or Klingon...or...the point's The Idle Effect's 1st anniversary and Chuck & Jer finally act their age as they recall their holiday hijinks and rank their top 10 movies from 2016.  There's geek announcements and news of course...and Chuck even gives Jer a "blast" from their past...don't worry...there were plenty of paper towels and sawdust on hand.  And hey...what would a 1st year celebration be without a colossal tech glitch?  See if you can spot the anything but inconspicuous Easter Egg "WTF just happened!" moment.  Our maiden voyage has ended and we look ahead to the new year and a 2nd season for The Idle Effect!  Join us...won't you?  Heh...he said "Maiden" dude.  Eddie! Eddie!


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