Idle Effect #24…”Galaxy Guardian Super Dragon”

May 12, 2017

Chuck and Jer are back and fresh from space truckin' (tacos) with everyone's favorite Custodians of the Cosmos...the Stewards of the Solar System (tacos)...the Conservators of the Constellations, if you will. Yes we're talking about (tacos) "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"...and now it's time for (tacos) a full *Spoiler* filled review. Also, the guy's list their (tacos) individual Top 10 Comic Book Movies to date...did 1997's Batman & (tacos) Robin make the cut? F*** no it didn't...but find out what (tacos) did, along with geek announcements, news and lots of other (taco) treats, tidbits & delicacies you just can't get anywhere else! So get ready for (tacos) a little Episode 24 all up in ya'!!


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