Idle Effect #7..”Free Comic Book Day Comes Alive”!

May 10, 2016
On a sunny weekend in the warm California desert, just east of Palm of the biggest live events of the year took place, and thousands of people came from all over the world to see it!...then...Axl, Slash, Dre and Cube finished their sets; Coachella ended; and everyone went home.  But...a few weekends later...Chuck & Jer took The Idle Effect podcast to Palm Desert, CA.... and did their first ever live show in front of a crowd of Free Comic Book seekers.  It's pandemonium as our hosts discover that "if you give it away...they will come."  Guests on the show include Mr. P.S. Comic-Con himself...Alex Callego...and local artists Chris Sabo and of course the infamous but never odious (look it up) Dirk Yates.  See how your knowledge of comic book trivia stacks up with that of our tens of exuberant, right here on this special edition of The Idle Effect...Live and (for once) censored! 

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