Idle Effect #22…”The Double-Douche”

April 7, 2017

Coincidentally that was originally going to be the name of the podcast, but the Douchebag community rejected Chuck for his lack of spray tan usage & Ed Hardy attire. In this supremely solid episode, The Boys are back in town...fresh from Wondercon and they are here to tell you about it. Some exciting trailers have come down the pike... so it only makes sense that there be "Trailer Talk". Chuck has a butt-load of "Geek Announcements". ..Jer expresses his intolerance for bike lanes, bike riders, spam email, the term "Whitewashing" and cow tipping in the nude...ok, not that last one...he's actually a big time advocate of all late night rural town mischief that's perpetrated in the buff. Speaking of rural towns... the boys also list their Top 10 South Park episodes. come on down to episode 22 and have yourself a time!!!


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