Idle Effect #9…”Pod & Roll All Nite”…The “KISS” Special!

May 31, 2016

This episode Chuck & Jer sit down with a panel of "KISS-ologists" and discuss all things "KISS"...It's like "KISSmas" in Heaven when this roundtable of seasoned Desert musicians (and Noe) take a walk thru "KISStory" and share their thoughts, anecdotes (or lack thereof) & adoration of "The Hottest Band In The World...KISS!" Guests include Jeff (the Jeffster) Bowman - (Unsound, Mondo Generator, Mighty Jack) (w/pure beef)...Martin' (a Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba) Barrera - (5th Town, B-Movie Superstars)...Noe (I've got your Cure right here!) Gutierrez - (WYTE GUY, Aphrodisiac Jacket)...Eric (The Big "E") Willman - (WYTE GUY, "award winning" Long Duk Dong) (dumplings ARE extra)...Mike (the ninja turtle) Jimenez - (WYTE GUY, Aphrodisiac Jacket)...& Jimmy (best shirt in town) Palmer - (sole proprietor of "111 Guitars") (& 1-800-Dildos) So KISS fans...sit down...belly up...and give this show a listen. And when you do...I think you'll have to agree that..."You Know These Boys Are Workin' Hard...They're Worth A Deuce!" 


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